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Stephen Turoff Psychic Surgeon
by Grant Solomon


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17 August 2009

Stephen Turoff is a controversial figure who regularly appears in the newspapers and on radio and TV. This book, the story of his life, was recently featured on the
Channel 4 'Revelations' programme

(Sunday 09 Aug 2009 at 7.00pm)

Stephen Turoff Psychic Surgeon
The Extraordinary Story of a Remarkable Healer

INTRODUCTION from the book

Stephen Turoff is a contemporary healer, teacher, priest, philosopher, knight, philanthropist and mystic. For over thirty years he has been healing people, by the tens of thousands, of all colours, castes and creeds. They flock from the four corners of the world to see him at his Danbury Healing Clinic near Chelmsford in Essex. For some, the journey is a pilgrimage; for others, a last chance to be healed. For most, it is an experience which will not be quickly forgotten. Read more...

BBC 2: 15 Jan 2007

15 January 2007

Stephen Turoff

causes a stir on
BBC 2 television programme

Trust Me I'm A Healer



Kernowland Slavechildren

by Jack Trelawny

30 May 2009

30 May 2009


With a reward of five thousand evos on his head, Louis was snatched by Captain Pigleg in Jungleland at the end of Book 4. Here in Book 5, he’ll be taken back to face the grizzly Guillotine of Sirap. Tizzie was caught in the armtentacles of a giant tree octopus, and the mutant monster was about to eat her with its sharp beak. Meanwhile, back in conquered Kernowland – which has been renamed ‘Wonrekland’ – Drym has a new ‘pet’, a fearsome wolfspider called Danglefang, and parents everywhere are agonising over Lister’s Choice … which one of their precious children will they deliver into slavery?

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Book 5 of the
Kernowland Trilogies
which form part of
The Chronicles of Erthwurld

Selected Archives


Day Trip to Hell

Day Trip to Hell
by Julia Nichols

18 Aug 2008


16 August 2008
Saturday Observer  - Kent
Review Magazine article
with front page pictures

"Julia Nichols tells of her ordeal at the hands of the French Legal System"

What Julia went through was a living HELL...  and here, through the diaries she kept and smuggled out,
she tells the story of her
18 months in prison.
This book contains scenes of gang rape, starvation, suicide, torture, and beatings endured by an innocent British citizen
in a country
just twenty-five miles
across the English Channel.

Meet and talk to Julia Nichols at Waterstone's and hear the full horrific story in her own words

I went to France on a day trip to celebrate my engagement...
and ended up in a French prison for 18 months
for something I didn’t do.
It was a living HELL.
It could happen to you.
This is my true-life prison diary.’
Julia Nichols

'Day Trip to Hell is a sobering reminder – if one were needed – that Britain has very little in common with other countries of Europe, and especially not with France when it comes to our respective police and judicial systems.'

Held without trial in France for months... see article

18 August 2008 

Lobby your MP and MEP
about Abuse of British Citizen's Human Rights
in France

If you agree with the comments below, please copy and send them to your Member of Parliament (MP) and your Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and ask them to ask Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, to do something about this fundamental and systematic abuse of the human rights of ordinary, decent - innocent - British Citizens in France...

Prolonged detention without trial undermines fair trial rights, including the right to be free from arbitrary detention and the presumption of innocence. Everybody arrested is entitled to be tried within a reasonable time, in proceedings that fully comply with fair trial standards, or to be released. As the lawyers at the UK-based charity, Fair Trials International, will confirm, BRITISH CITIZENS are held WITHOUT TRIAL in FRANCE for MONTHS or even YEARS, with inadequate legal representation and translation services both before and when they do eventually come to trial.

The current case in the news, of British woman, Julia Nichols, is an example of the travesty of justice which can occur under the French legal system which presumes you are guilty before you are proven innocent and therefore keeps you incarcerated in terrible conditions until that time. Julia was held without trial for months and eventually released, but not before suffering gang rape, starvation, and beatings - and being driven to attempt suicide - in a horrendous French prison.

A related major concern of the lawyers at Fair Trials International is the "European Arrest Warrant". If the French police simply suspect a British Citizen of a crime, they can issue this European Arrest Warrant and the British Police have no option but to send that citizen over to France where, like Julia Nichols, they will be held in terrible French prison conditions for months or even years until their trial eventually comes to court. At a time when President Sarkozy of France is asking other countries to respect human rights, this fundamental abuse of human rights in his own country is something the British Government should be asking him to address.

Julia's full horrific story is told in a book published 18 August 2008...
Day Trip to Hell

After 18 months held in terrible conditions without trial "... a judge not only told Nichols she could go home but also confirmed she was innocent."
Saturday Observer 16.08.08 



Tom Solomon

Video + Audio:
Tom Solomon Sings...

07 July 2008

From the 31st July – 25th August, Tom Solomon will be starring as Harry in the World Premiere of
Only The Brave
produced by Daniel Sparrow, Patrick Gracey,
and Old Vic Productions at:

Venue 37 George Square Theatre
Edinburgh EH8 9LH
as part of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For more information:


Jack Trelawny at Theydon Bois Primary School

01 May 2008

Jack Trelawny
visits dozens
of schools
on current
tour of UK
" The children were spellbound"
Image: Visit to
Theydon Bois Primary School


The Sunday Times

03 March 2007

Particpants in
The Scole Experiment
to answer questions
from public
at talks
around UK


BBC 2: 15 Jan 2007

15 January 2007

Stephen Turoff

causes a stir on
BBC 2 television programme

Trust Me I'm A Healer


Charles Kelly and Cynthia Barker with Mayor Atienza

July 2006

Charles Kelly
Cynthia Barker
meet Mayor Atienza
in Manila 
for launch of
How 2 Come to the UK

View video


December 2005

Tom Solomon
sings as Young Scrooge with
Tommy Steele
on the London Palladium
cast recording of


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