Stephen Turoff Psychic Surgeon
The Extraordinary Story of a Remarkable Healer

Grant Solomon


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INTRODUCTION from the book 

Stephen Turoff is a contemporary healer, teacher, priest, philosopher, knight, philanthropist and mystic. For over thirty years he has been healing people, by the tens of thousands, of all colours, castes and creeds. They flock from the four corners of the world to see him at his Danbury Healing Clinic near Chelmsford in Essex. For some, the journey is a pilgrimage; for others, a last chance to be healed. For most, it is an experience which will not be quickly forgotten.

Journalists, scientists, politicians, doctors and holy men of many faiths have had to admit that there is certainly something ‘different’ about this jovial, gentle giant with his gruff voice and permanent cheeky grin. When Stephen works, beautiful pastel lights descend like lightning bolts from the sky into patients’ bodies, sacred ash forms on objects and people in his surgery, towels and sheets turn pink, and messages, finger-written in orange ochre, appear on photographs of saints. But most importantly, in many, many cases, the blind regain sight, the deaf hear, the lame cast away their crutches, diseased organs literally disappear and the sick and suffering are granted relief.

Who is this man who can work such wonders? He is a 16-stone, six-and-a-half foot, middle-aged Jewish-Christian former carpenter from Brick Lane in London’s East End whom many believe to be an instrument of God. His message can be summed up in just four words: ‘Love all, serve all.’ But if you would like to know a little more, read on, for here is the strange but true tale of Stephen Turoff, psychic surgeon.

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